Alaska World Milk Day Race 2013

 Alaska World Milk Day Race 2013
Forgive me Family for I have sinned.....
Please do not crucify me in our Clan Reunion…
Please do not forget to send me gifts on my birthday and Christmas.....
but most of all,  please do not forget my "pasalubong" when you all come back from abroad :)
I know SELECTA is our family "brand" but I must confess that I ran the Alaska World Milk Day - 10 km Race  last Sunday  (June. 09,2013).  
Kidding aside, I'm sure  my cousins love me very much......I hope :)
Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I would perform well on this race because I slept kind of late the night before and also had a little to much to drink .  ( Yes,  another one of my sins..... )  But because running is like second nature to me,  I have learned how to “ FOCUS “.  When its race time,   there are no excuses. 
The Race started at 5am, pretty early for a 10km race which usually begins around 5:45 to 6 am.  I liked that the Race Start was at the Fort Area and the 10km race route was different from the usual.  Weather was a bit cloudy but cool which most likely helped my performance. 
Thank you to Princess Galura ,  Neville Minosa and staff for inviting me to run the Alaska Race.  It was quite organized as expected and  I  enjoyed every minute of it.  Looking forward to working with you guys again real soon. 
After the race,  I treated myself to a nice big  breakfast, caught  up on some sleep and hoped that I do not have to do "Penance" for my sins  :) 
FINISH TIME :  52.50
PACE :  5.12/km 

Noel C. me and Roland P.
Nice color and  good looking dudes ! 
Si Best Friend - Paolo C.
Justin G. barefoot runner.
Thank you for the great photo's
Running Friend Peachy T.
Running Friend Macky ! hey nice to see you and the high 5 in buendia :-)