Condura Skyway Marathon - Safety Buddy

Dear Runners,
Introducing - "Safety Buddy". Your safety is our number 1 concern.
For 2013, we will be implementing the biggest and most comprehensive
emergency quick response plan yet. But with even close to 1,000 race officials
this Sunday, we cannot watch out for every one of the14,000 runners who will be
running over different portions of the 32km long Skyway.
That is why we call on you to volunteer as a "Safety Buddy".

A "Safety Buddy" is a runner who helps out a fellow runner in times of
need. We all know that runners never run alone during a race and therefore the
runner beside would be the best person to provide immediate assistance. You
can become a "Safety Buddy" by following these guidelines in case you or a
fellow runner needs medical assistance:

1. Contact the nearest visible race official and seek assistance. (They can be
identified by the race official t-shirt and race ID's)

2. If there is no visible race official nearby then call the Skyway Emergency
numbers: (Applicable to those running with cellphones.)
Please save these numbers on your cellphones. (We encourage you to
bring your celphones)
Hotline: 02-776-7777
Globe: 0917-539-8762
Smart: 0999-886-0893

Please provide the following information:
a. Your location - Go to the nearest LAMP POST on the center island
and read the LAMP POST NUMBER that is marked in yellow.
This will inform medical officials where you are. Lamp post on the
Skyway are spaced an average of 130 feet apart.
b. Give the Race Bib number of the runner that needs assistance
c. Give your name and phone number.
We also would want to remind our runners of the following IMPORTANT

1. Be sure you are sufficiently trained and are in tip-top shape for the race
distance that you are joining.
2. Fill up the ICE at the back of your race bib (ICE = In case of emergency)
3. Have a nutrition and hydration plan and be sure to stick to it.
4. Race within your limits and if you need medical assistance please approach
any race official. Pace yourself!
5. Bring a back up hydration belt and extra gel just in case. Remember to
never try anything new of race day!

Quick over view of Medical and hydration plan.
1. There are 25 hydration stations spaced an average of 2km apart. Summit
water will be served at all stations. 100 plus shall be served only in all hydration
stations on the Northbound lane (13 stations of 100 Plus).
2. For 42k runners, there will be 3 Banana stations located approximately at the
22km, 29.4km, 36.4km mark
3. There will be portalets at every hydration station.
4. Lifeline, the premier provider of Emergency Quick Response service will be
our medical partner. They will have 13 ambulances with 25 medical tents spaced
2km apart on average with 200 medical personal spread 250 meters apart in
between the tents.
Remember, even if there are safety buddies, race officials and medical
personnel to assist, SAFETY FIRST BEGINS WITH YOU! Run safe and have