Condura SkyWay Marathon... Carpe Viam!!!!

In a few days it will be the Condura Skyway Marathon 2013.
As always I will again be running the 42.195 km event or better known as the Marathon.
Not only have I racked in the kilometers day in and day out to physically prepare my legs.
I also had to get myself mentally prepared for the 42.195 km journey.
I do not really have any master game plan on how to run the race.
I will just basically put my heart in it, stay focused and if everything feels right I will try to beat my Philippine Personal Record which is 4:16:37.
I have always said, “ Running a Marathon is like a journey in life. There will be ups and down, obstacles on the way sometimes you want to quit and just give up but if you persevere stay focused your dreams and aspiration will become a reality ”.
I think that is the reason I Love to Run so much. Running makes me feel like a human being and not a clown in a crowd.
It also makes me realize that dreams can come true if you really want it so badly.
But most of all it is in Running that I really discover myself.
Always make Running a part of your journey in life.

Lastly, I also have one “secret weapon “ to insure that I have a Philippine Personal Best Time. In fact if I play my cards right I may even beat the Kenyans. What’s my secret weapon
Please see picture below :-)

Again Thank you for supporting us in the Condura Skyway Marathon 2013.
This race was made for you runners.
See you in the starting line…. Better yet see you in the SKYWAY !