Last Blog Entry for ......

I am presently at the beach here in La Mer – Nasugbu Batangas.
As I prepare my last Blog entry for the year 2012
I can’t help but reflect on the year 2012 that was.
The year 2012 was a very Challenging year for me.
I was really stressed out emotionally and spiritually.
Sometimes, when I felt the pressure was enormous I would cry in my little corner in my head.
But I never gave up; I would pray and not question God. I instead ask for his guidance in my journey in life.
But what I did notice is as the stress would build up I would also increase my daily running mileage.
I was running roughly about 16 – 23 km a day. Day in and Day out.
I was running so much not to lose weight or to be a better runner but I was running hard because it was my “Escape”.
It was my “Escape” from the reality of life.
Life is not a bed of roses….. it never was.
But instead of drowning in a sea of sorrow I have change my attitude and instead look at the Beauty of life.
I have learned to accept the things I can change and the things I cannot change.
I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of life and the blessing of God.
I have learned to Love Life.
I have learned to be Happy.
Thank you God !
Happy New Year!
2013 will be a wonderful year.
Always make running a way of life.