Here we go again :-(

Here we go again L.
My daughter was in Manila for the holidays.
She was here in Manila for only about 3 weeks, it was a short visit but a worthy vacation for her.
She went to the beach, shopping, eating, bonding with the family and friends etc.
I myself spent a lot of time with her. We had our usual kwento kwento and Carino.
But some days we would have our usual father daughter fights but after a couple of hours we are friends again.
But all good things cannot last long, she had to go back to Boston to continue her studies and work.
I guess I’m back to talking to the mirror again. Ha ha!
I’ll miss my eldest daughter a lot but like I have always said,” The biggest mistake a parent will ever make is to NOT make your kids grow”. You have to let them go to make them grow and succeed in life.
I better Rack in the kilometers in my daily runs  to increase my Endorphin. If there is a time I need it … It is now  :-(
I’LL miss you baby so much.
See you soon.
Love you