Goodbye 2012... Hello 2013

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013.
As I conclude my last run for the year 2012.
I can’t help but to feel a little nostalgic
In spite that I was hit by several minor and major injuries.
2012 was still a Good Running Year.
I ran 4 - marathons, 8 - 21km, 1 - 16.80 km, 3 - 16km, 1 - 15km and 4 - 10 km
A total of 21 Races.
I am very grateful to my creator for his never ending guidance in my journey on the road.
Modesty aside I think I have reached a certain level in my running life that I can’t live without running anymore.
I don’t run to lose weight.
I don’t run to compete in races.
I don’t run to look good.
I don’t run to be healthy.
I Run because it is ME.
Running has always been my way of life.
I have never looked at running as a sport.
When I run I feel the magic of life.
The freedom of the spirit.
The connection with Nature.
It may sound Chezzy to the Norm but I was never a Norm.
I am a Runner.
If you want to experience the magic of running put on them Running shoes and fly.
I know this 2013 WILL be a Good Running Year.
I’m looking forward to the challenges I will encounter.
But most of all I am Excited that everyday is a new experience in this journey they call life.
I RAN  4,536.18 km FOR THE YEAR 2012
AS OF MAY.30, 1980 to present  I HAVE RAN 91,481.79 km
Thank you God!

Breakdown of Races :
-Run for Pinoy Glory - 21 km.
-Go Natural Run - 21 km.
-Condura SkyWay Marathon 2012
-Tokyo Marathon 2012
-Nat Geo 21 km.
-Greenfield 21 km.
-OROFOLS 16 km.
- Petron 10 km.
- Get Fit Run HYPER SPORTS 21 km.
- SpringBoard 16 km.
- The Great Bank Run 10 km.
- Milo 36th Elims 21 km.
- Run for the Veteran's 10 km.
- Regent Run 16 km
- Rexona 21 km
- Adidas 16.80 km
- Ensure to Endure 15 km
- Run United Phil Marathon
- Rock and Road Trail Run 21 km....
  24.74 + 5.60 = 30.34 km :-)
- Macau Marathon
- Milo 21 km
- Pinoy Fitness 10 km
  Total = 21 Races