Color Manila

help me mama :-)
A cloud of " Violet dye"
Color Manila is my First Race for the year 2013.
The concept was basically you run and the Marshals etc. throw Colored dye on you.
Something similar to that Indian Color Festival called “Holi “.
wasn't expecting many runners to join the race but I was really surprise the route was jam pack with runners. I estimate 5000 -+. 
I had to zigzag most of the time.
As soon as I got hit by the first wave of “dye throwers “I was blind.
I think I got hit at least 10 times that I started to look like a rainbow;
I also had difficult time breathing when I inhaled the dye. 
Somewhere around the 8 km mark a “Dye thrower “jumped me from behind and smothered me with violet dye. 
I looked like a “puto bungbong “ha ha.
But that’s OK I just wanted to have fun.
At the water station instead of drinking water I was busy pouring the water on my head, body, legs and…… never mind J.
Though the route was overcrowded and a bit chaotic.
Congratulations to Proactive you guys did great again.

Oh and I finished the race
TIME – 54:36
Not bad for a “Running Puto bungbong “
Before the attack
During the attack
My next car..... Jeep :-)
I know you like my bag :-)
Water stop are not only for drinking :-)
No more.... No more ...!
That's him !that's him ! The Violet dye bandit !!! 
Craig Logan
Run friend
 Chaos on the finish line... but i love it !