No Easy Day

I rarely read books and I mean RARELY !!!!
The last “ Real Book “ I read was in 2009 the title of the book was “ What I talk about when I talk about running " by Haruki Murakami. 
But before that was Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy in the year 1992.
A normal human being usually takes about 1 month to finish reading a 300 page book while i take at least a year maybe longer. But don’t ask me why it takes me that long  but it has something to do with my “ADHD”.
Anyway, I like  nonfiction books and decided to purchased “ No Easy Day “ by Mark Owen at Barnes and Noble.
The Bin Laden / Navy seal saga has always intrigue me and while the book just hit the stand  i decided to get one before it runs out ... get it runs out . ( not funny ??? :-( ).
ON the first page i wrote the date SEPT.12,2012 signifying the date i Started running it . I'll get back to you what date i finish reading it..... maybe after a year.