Lunch Break Run Flood

Metro Manila was a Virtual Water World.
Classes were suspended.
Government offices and Establishment closed early..
Families decided to just stay home and Veg Out.
While we in Concepcion Industries Inc. - CONDURA  decided to send our employee's home around  lunchtime.
But before i end my day i decided to do what i do best.
I went for a Run at 12nn  A "Lunch Run".
In spite that i  was drenched in rain water and the streets were flooded i had a great run.  It was the best lunch i have ever had ha ha !
 Rain, Flood, Heat will never stop me from running. There is never a Bad Weather Run day. Any day, Anytime and Everyday is a good day to run !
Carpe Diem !
Today i did  15.36 km Distance  ; 5:38 km / pace ; 1:26:41 time.
Ayala - Edsa Pedestrian Flyover  
 Concepcion Industries Inc. - Condura ; Head Quarters in Makati City.
 Crazy Rain Flooded Street