Long May You Run

In my early years of running i would run late afternoon or early evening. The only time i got to run in the morning is when i would race which was a struggle for me because during my teenage years i would get home pretty late in the evening or sometimes early morning . I was kinda a party animal ha ha !
But as the years past and i mellowed out and i switched to running early morning.
Running in the morning is the best because like Praying if you start your day with both "Praying and Running "  your day will start out right.
Lately ( but not often ) i would run late afternoon.
The reason for me running late afternoon is because
I did not wake up early morning.
I did not have the quality sleep i needed ( im good with 5 - 6 hrs sleep).
or I needed to distress from the pressure of the day.
I still prefer running early morning because i cherish my " Alone Time ". 
But  as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter what time you run for as long as you do it !
No excuses !
Any day any time is a good time to run ! 
As the Saying goes " Long May You Run "