Rethinking Marathon Training

As i start my quest for my end of the year Marathon goal i came across this Article from INNOVATION FOR ENDURANCE   Which makes a lot of sense especially on no. 2. which i knew from day 1. :-) 

Try It: Rethinking Marathon Training

Heed these two pieces of advice from a veteran.

Over 40 years of marathon training and racing, I've learned two things that I consider critically important that bear repeating. The first: Don't get as fit as you can; get as healthy as you can. And second: Run with confidence.
The first refers to many runners' quest for the ultimate marathon training program. They believe they need to get in lots of miles, lots of long runs, and lots of tempo runs. It's an intimidating prospect, and it has a negative side effect worth avoiding. All that training can temporarily reduce your immunity, and you might catch a cold just at the point where you should be tapering off and getting stronger. That's why I advise many marathoners to do less training, not more, and to focus on their overall health as well as their perfect training program.
Second, the marathon is 50 percent physical and 90 percent mental. You have to do the training to succeed, but you also have to have confidence in yourself and your training if you are to run a smart race (with an even-pace strategy, or even negative splits). Without such confidence, the sheer immensity of the marathon can prove overwhelming. So, believe in yourself. If you've done 75 percent of the training, you're 100 percent ready. — Amby Burfoot
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