I hate Malls.

 I hate Shopping Malls.
I am tired of going to shopping malls, all I do is walk around check the stores, watch movies and eat eat eat  but frankly I am sick of it !!!!
Monday (Hero’s Day – Holiday ) I said to myself, “ I WILL NOT GO TO ANY  MALLS”  !!!
I am going outdoors.
The Plan was to go to Taal Yacht Club - TYC and Taal Volcano but as usual on our way to TYC we got lost so i decided to go to the volcano first.
From the boat resort it’s a 30 min Roller coaster…. I mean boat ride to the foot of the  volcano.  When we got to the foot of the volcano
Instead of riding horses we decided to do some trekking. In spite of my 28+ km run yesterday I was feeling great. It was a 4.5 km Trek one way. It was a very challenging trek because the pathway was really steep and lots of loose soil and rock. Sometimes I would literally be on my hands and shoes because that’s how steep the pathway  was. I was also worried I would twist my ankle.
It was scorching hot from the sun above and you could also feel the heat  from the ground below remember it’s a live volcano.
But  when we reached the Top of the Volcano it was an AWESOME sight. The View of the Volcano was a once in a life time experience. Nature at its best the challenging trek was definitely worth it and the fresh buko at the summit was sarap too.
Eventually, we did find TYC but we only stayed for a while. We just had a late lunch in some restaurant by the lake.
It was a great out door day..
I even got a Tan J
Taal Volcano
Taal Volcano Crater
4.5 km trek 1 way.
Peek a boo ! ( i like this pic )
You can fry an egg on this rock.
 Steam coming out from the Volcano crater.