Milo Race for the 5th time

You are not a PINOY RUNNER unless you have run a Milo Race.
I think I have run 4 Milo races in my lifetime and this is my 5th.
What I like about the Milo Races is it gets better and better every year.
" Milo is the Mother of all Races in the Philippines"
for this Sunday July.29,2012 i will only run the 21 km. event
I did not properly prepare for the 42km event and i was hit by several injuries the past months.
Funny, in spite of my years of running and numerous races that i have joined i still get butterflies in my tummy every time its race day !
Praying for the best ... As the jingle goes...., "I better drink my Milo Today" !

Milo - December 2011