Milo - Eliminations

I have always said that Milo is the Creme de la Crème of races in the Philippines.
You are not a Pinoy Runner unless you have joined a Milo Race.
As I waited in the corral  for the 21km event to start I was getting goose bumps.
That’s how electrifying the Milo race are!!!
For this year I participated in the 21 km event. I wanted to run the 42k event but I wasn’t Physically ready but next year the goal is to participate in the 42k Milo Elimination. …. Same day , Same time different year.
Anyway, The races was fantastic !!!!
I mean could you imagine 38,429 runners participated and not a glitch of problem !
Lots of water, Banana and sponges.
and i never got lost in spite of the pitch dark in some ares because of the huge directional signs glaring several hundred meters away.
In spite that Roxas Boulevard is a really busy avenue the Organizer – Rio did a fantastic job in controlling the volume of vehicles.
The weather was very much on the runners favor.
It was cool and just a light drizzile. What was a “ God’s Blessing “ is as soon as I crossed the finish line it poured like crazy ,Talk about Blessing.
I did pretty well in the race. I was feeling pretty good and still had some steam left in me. Next time I’ll “ Drink My MILO Today “ and push myself to hopefully finish a personal best.
Oh and the best part of the 36th - Milo Marathon  is Photovendo - Ben Chan is back !!!
They are the official photograher of the said event. Nice to see you again my good friend
Photographer on the run - Ben Chan 
A sea of Green 38,429 Runners WOW !!
  3k -     2,889
  5k -   27,110
10k -     3,126
21k -     3,264
42k -     2,040
            38,429 - Total Runners !!!
Some of my Running Friends Below who run the Marathon and 21km event while others took pictures 
Paolo Carvajal - my good Cono Running Friend !

Thank you for the pics:
Pinoy Fitness 
Running Photographers - Lestsky