Running Anniversary - 32 years

Today May. 31,2012 is my 32nd Running Anniversary Year.
Today i ran 18.38 km as a celebration day Run
As of this date I have accumulated 88,856.13 km.
I really love Running.
Running is not only my Passion but My way of Life.
I literally get a “ High”  every time when I run.
I don’t care if the weather is hot or cold.
I don’t care if the terrain is mud or concrete.
I don’t care if it’s sunny or Typhoon signal # 4.
I don’t care if my body is on the squeaky side :-]
I will lace up my running shoes and hit the road.
When I run, “ I am like a child with a new toy”.
Each Run is so exciting !!!!
Each Run is so much Fun !!!!!
Every run day is a Good day .. a Beautiful day.
Thank you God for the 32 years.
I pray I have many more running years to come.