GreenField City 2012

 Because my left leg was getting better and I was in the need for speed! I decided to join a race on May.27.
When I checked the race calendar I was shocked to see at least 7 races on the said date. Though all of them were good races I decided to join the Greenfield City race because it is near my home and I’m kind of tired racing at the fort. I would really want to concentrate in joining races outside Metro Manila.
This is the 2nd time for me to join this Race the last time was in 2010 when it was still a Sunset run.
 I prefer challenging races courses but because my leg is still in recovery mode. The flat terrain of Greenfield will have to do for now. 
It was a good race., Well organize and lots of hydration on the route. I especially liked it when somewhere around the 18 km they were handing out “ Cold face towel “ so refreshing !
The km markers was spaced out every 5 km which was great because I hate Km markers. ( I hate counting 1km… 2km… 3km… ) you get what I mean. The only thing I did not like about the races is the 2 km pile up of buses on the Techno Park area them Dam! buses did not turn off their engine and all that fumes was polluting the air but it’s not the organizers fault. Sometimes situations like that are unavoidable. 
Overall it was a good races and will certainly do it again next year. Though I finished way off my usual 21k race time. I’m still very pleased with my time and no leg pain this time. Till next race.

Distance : 21km
Actual Distance Garmin  :21.10km
Pace : 5:42 / km
Time : 2.00.24

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