National Geographic Channel - Earth day run 2012

The mind is strong but the body is weak…. Left Leg that is.
My left leg injury isn't totally healed yet and somewhere around  the10km up to the  finish line it started to bother me again, Big Time!
As my Asics 2170 landed on the pavement I could feel a “ NERVE SHOOTING PAIN”  travelling from my foot that goes all the way up to the back of my hamstring.
To best describe the pain i was feeling , " It felt like when a dentist tool would touch a nerve in a cracked  tooth "....Yeoww!
Instead of  trying to run faster and aggravating  the injury I decided to just take it easy and enjoy the rest of the race.
 I liked the route because it was something different from the usual 21k  race route.
We Started on 28th St
went towards Lawton
U Turn near C5
Left on Bayani Road
Back to BGC. 

Head towards Kalayaan 
U turn before Ayala
Back to BGC
A few twist and turns in BGC

 And on to the finish line near 28th St.
Because of the New route the race seemed to go by really fast.
It was tough and hilly but Nice !
The route  did not have km. markers but that’s perfectly fine with me because 
 I also got to meet again my Good friend Paolo Carvajal , he ran the 21k  and his time is  getting better every time. His Folks and Brother " Pocholo " have been very nice to me. They treated me like family.
My only complain about the race is because its summer and the  weather was pretty warm and humid there wasn't enough tables to set up the water cups.
But overall it was a good race and I'm looking forward to next year but for now its left leg fixing time.:-(.