I hate Kilometer Markers

If you ask me what I hate or dislike most about a Marathon Race Event, I will tell you straight - “I hate them !@&?$3 Kilometer (KM) Markers !!!!!”
I love to run !
I love to race !
I love picking up the pace !
I love challenging other runners on who can run the longest.
But what I can’t stand is counting how many KM I have already finished and how many more to go.
Every time I pass a KM Marker, my mind tells me - “1 down and 41 more to go” It Literally drives me nuts!
Believe me, when your body is tired and your mind is telling you to quit, the LAST thing you want to see is a KM Marker, especially if the finish line is still very far.

Kilometer counting is like waiting for a slice of bread to pop out from the toaster. You don’t know when it will pop out and when it does, you are not sure if its lightly toasted or burned !!!
I would rather just have a 5km marker and a 40km marker for a Marathon event !
I’m sure a lot of runners feel the same way as I do, but are just not saying anything .

So, if you see me looking up in the sky when passing a KM marker. You already know WHY?!
If you see a KM Marker torn into million pieces or with ShotGun holes !!! You know why!