Smoke get's in my eyes

I'm a runner and i smoke cigarettes.
Wait ... Wait let me rephrase that...
I'm a runner and i used to smoke cigarettes 
Now i smoke an " Electronic Cigarette"
I started smoking at the age of 18 yrs old.
maybe 2 to 10 sticks a day.
Sometimes i would smoke for days, weeks even months.
then i would quit maybe for a week or months.
The longest i quit smoking is 2 years.
But i would sometimes still lite up a Cigarette once in a while especially when i am nervous or have to do no. "2".
I also reward myself a stick of Cigarette after a Marathon, Birthday and New Years.
But recently i said enough is enough.
I'm getting old and should quit Permanently.
it's good my wife got me an " E Cigarette "
because now i can still enjoy smoking but avoid the harmful effects of Nicotine and Tar.
Do i feel guilty Smoking Cigarettes ?
No ! BUT i think its time to quit if i want to live till the age of 100.
Welcome " E Cigarettes "