The Annual Concepcion Industries Inc. Stock holders meeting was held on March 8 – 11, 2012  at Singapore.
The entire Concepcion Clan was present to participate in the Usual Business and Financial 2012 Presentation.
But most important is the Family bonding time which is the TOP of our Itinerary.
Most of the Board members brought their respective spouse and children while Mabu and Cesco came with me on this trip. 
The last time we were in Singapore was during  the Asian Tsunami of 2005. A lot of change happen since that time and lots of new places to go now like the Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studio  just to name a few.
I must admit, I do get a bit envious with Singapore because how can a small Country evolve into a 1st world country of Asia at a very short time.
Parang naiwanan na the Philippines.
But instead of wish and dreaming we can be a Singapore or even better if we also have " Discipline " which is the key to prosperity. 
Anyway,  When the Concepcion clan was not meeting or eating, Mabu ,Cesco and I would go out and make “ Laquatsya” we went to Sentosa, Universal studio, Orchard road, Marina Bay Sands, Aquarium etc. We even watched a Musical show called " Wicked"
We had so much fun and ate so much I think we gained at least 5 lbs. over the weekend. Ha ha !
It was a fun weekend and I do hope we can  do it again soon.

 Cesco, Mabu and Enrique
I dont like that shop at the background :-)
At the Singapore Airport waiting for our luggage's in the carousel
Watched a musical show called " Wicked " at Marina Bay

 Food ... Food....Food

Mabu would love to eat that Alaska king Crab at the Sentosa Aquarium
My favorite " Peking Duck " i think i ate about 15 servings :-)

A 15.17 km run at Orchard Road and the Botanical Garden area.