Asics GT- 2170 / Condura Skyway Marathon

Feb.03,2012 around 4pm i got a call from 
Sonak President Mr. Anil Buxani, the exclusive distributor of Asics in the Philippines.
he said, " Patrick, good news the Asics GT -2170 just arrived and i would like to you wear them 
Without any hesitation i said, " Yes ".
I know what you are thinking
I must be crazy because rule no.1 in Running is never wear a brand new pair of running shoes on race day,
especially if the distance is 42.195 km.
You should always break them in first.

Fortunately, I'm one of them dudes that have no problem wearing brand new shoes on race day
But just to be safe.
i sprayed my foot with under arm Deodorant (To keep my feet dry)
and i placed at least 1 table spoon of powder inside each  shoe.   

The Shoe is AWESOME !!!
The cushion was excellent.
The stability was very good, especially when i would run on the side of the skyway.
The Flexibility was superb not to much bending that it would strain my foot muscle.
I would truly recommend this shoe to all runners.
The GT - 2170 is available now in all asics store.
 Me giving the " Thumbs-up " GT- 2170 is fantastic 

while i was walking on the Condura Skway Marathon Village i step on a 3 inch Barbecue stick.
It punctured the shoe but at least not my foot.