Condura SkyWay Marathon 2012 Part - 2

Every Condura Skyway Marathon event asides from organizing the race, I also  make it a point to join the race.
For this year 2012
I decided to join the 42.195km – Marathon event.
Last year I finished at a time of 4:16:38 which is my Best Philippine Marathon time.
For this year my target is 4.15.
In my 4 months of training 
I was averaging 100 – 120 km a week and tried to do at least 1 speed work a week.
I also did a lot of core exercises because I notice after 40 km my inner thighs would cramp up which affects my form and speed.
Race Day :
Like most runners, Running at midnight is something very different for me. I’m used to racing at 3 or 4 am. 
I also did not get the needed sleep the night before because I lost my wallet ( but that’s another story ).
Anyway,  I’m not sure what I did right this time but I was feeling great the entire race. I was flying 
In fact at the 20.93 km mark my time was 2hrs 2mins 24 sec.
I was on target to finish around 4.10
But sad to say, when I reached the 40 km mark my inner left thigh again started to cramp and I had to stop for about 30 sec to stretch it out.
I also had to cut down my pace for the remaining 2.195 km to the finish line.
I finished at a time of 4hrs 16mins 51sec. only 35 sec. shy from my Best Philippine Marathon time.
But it does not matter I was very pleased with my performance and I’m sure one day soon I can finish a sub 4.10 marathon ( I better do it soon I’m not getting any younger ).

Picture taken from the NAIA 3 flyover

I am glad i fully loaded my EPASS !

RunningShield / Skyway Video

This is MABU 2nd attempt for the 21km distance.
Last NatGeo 2011 she was a  DNF because the day before race day she was feeling really sick.
But for the Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 , 21km distance she did very well and finished at a pretty good time.
It’s hard to believe from a 3 km – 5km racer last year she has moved up to the 21km distance.
If you dream and have determination anything is possible.
Congratulations Babes ! you did very well !

Noel  & Katrina (standing). Mabu, me and Marie (sitting) 
Concepcion Industries Group in front of SilogExpress
Lady Finishers 
relaxing after the race. i am having coffee. look what Mabu is drinking :-)
more pictures to follow.