The New Year calls for new running resolutions that fuel your drive to be a better runner. If those resolutions include finishing a full marathon this year, the January-March issue of Runner’s World Philippines gives a complete guide on how you can achieve your marathon goals.

Dubbed the “Marathon Issue,” the latest issue of Runner’s World Philippines helps you prepare for your marathons for the year. Newbie’s can get advice from leading experts on running their first 26.2-mile marathon, avoiding injury, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and setting a personal record.

While more and more Filipinos are training and finishing marathons every year, some may still be baffled by running-related myths. These myths include running on a full stomach will result in appendicitis, taking a shower after a run will result in pasma, and more. The Marathon Issue of Runner’s World Philippines busts these fallacies with medical and scientific explanations for five running-related myths.

Runner’s World Philippines also features a complete list of the marathons to be held in the country this year. Discover what makes each marathon unique and decide whether you should choose one over the other or dare to join multiple marathons! Plus, check out the latest head-to-toe running gear to jump start your training.

The January-March issue of Runner’s World Philippines is now available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide. For more of Runner’s World online, become a fan on Facebook via

To Runner's World Editor-in-chief " Marie Calica " and Interviewer " Monica Barreto" Thank you very much !