Dec 9, 2011

Im having an affair

I'm sorry but i have to admit something....I had an affair.
I did not want this to happen but it was inevitable she was so good to me.

I love my Girl Friend so much because......
1. She is forgiving.
2. She guides me to where i want to go.
3. Even if i make the same mistake over and over she never gets mad and directs me to the right path without failure.
4. She has so much Patience for me.
But what i like most of all about her is she is wiling to wait for me in the car while i go shopping, dinner out or run a Marathon Race.

Please meet my Girl friend her name is " Hertz".
Ha ha , Got ya!.
"Hertz", is a GPS gadget that is mounted on your car dash board.
You punch in where you want to go and she will direct you to your desired destination.
She was a big help when we wanted to go to San Francisco, Monterey, Malibu, Los Angeles etc.
In fact she directed us when i wanted to go to my favorite Running Store or Pharmacy.
She was definitely a big Help.
Sad to say we had to part ways when i had to go back to Manila.
I will truly miss her.
I just wish all women would be like her, "Hertz".
Now if she could only make coffee......
"Hertz" - I will miss you :-(
Our Rented Car " GMC" with Hertz patiently waiting in the car