Dec 12, 2011

A Boeing 747 flies a Marathon

Have you ever wondered how fast it would take for a Boeing 747 jet plane to
fly the entire length of a Marathon distance 42.195 km ?
After a 45 min stopover in Guam we where headed to Manila.
When we reached an altitude of 37,000 feet I turned on my Garmin watch and as soon as it got hooked to a satellite i pressed the start button.
I couldn't believe how fast the distance counter was moving.
It was like my Garmin watch was on "Speed".
How i wish i could run that fast.
As soon as my Garmin reached the 42.300 km mark. i press the stop button.
i couldn't believe it only took 2 Min's 50 sec. and 47h sec. to complete the distance.
I guess you can see that i was getting pretty bored in the plane.
ha ha.
Plane today and maybe a helicopter next time :-)

Distance : 42.195 km +
105 meters ( margin of error) = 42.30 km.
Pace : 4 sec. / km.
Time : 2 :50 :47