Dec 5, 2011

17 + 260.21 = 70,000

I was in the United States for 17 days.
I accumulated 260.21 km.
I estimate that i also ate a total of 70,000 calories. :-(.

Aside from being a running lunatic i think the reason why i was able to do high mileage is because of the extremely cold weather, at an average it was 8C and very windy, someday s it would also rain. The extreme cold weather is a blessing on the body and i hardly broke into a sweat.

My left foot injury never really went away and it would still give me some trouble but i guess its just mind over body in this case mind over left foot.
But i enjoyed every minute of my running adventure in the USA.
The runs in the Trails, Mountains and Beaches was breathtaking.
I particularly liked the part when i would get lost and from a planned 15 km it became 20 km. or more.
Life is good. Thank you God for keeping me safe always.