Dec 13, 2011

Rest... i think ?

I decided to take a 2 consecutive days of NO RUN ( Monday and Tuesday ) which is very rare for me.
The last time i did this was when i was in Tokyo Japan during the 9 mega earthquake.
Their was after shocks of an average 6 on the Richter scale every hour so i decided not to run. I definitively would not want to be on the road if a Tsunami would hit but most of all leaving my wife and daughter in the Hotel is a No No.
Anyway the reason i decided not to run for 2 days straight is because i think my body needs
"Some" rest.
I have this bad cold that has not gone away for over a week already and i also have a bad left foot injury.
Maybe .... i repeat Maybe a little rest will help me recover faster.
During this situation what bothers me is not the PHYSICAL deterioration but the MENTAL deterioration. When i don't run my mood changes and i get irritable and depress because i need my Running High to function properly but i guess i just have to control my emotions so i don't fall of the cliff ha ha.
No Run is not in my blood but maybe i can treat this as an exception.
I have to if i want to be in A condition for 2012.
Help me God!!!