Malibu Post Race Meal

The following day after the Marathon my folks decided to treat us all and his former Classmate from UCLA to a Steak lunch. Though I'm not really into meat i taught a nice steak would do good as a Post Marathon Meal Celebration.
Not only did i eat steak, I had bread, onion soup, tuna sashimi, broccoli, mashed potato,
pecan pie,cheese cake, Crème brûlée and a light beer.
I ate so much i had to loosen my pants. oink! oink!
The meal was great but in my opinion the steak back home is a lot tastier.
American food is a little bit bland. I wanted to ordered knor seasoning or ketchup but if i did I'm sure the chef would come out of the kitchen with a knife and cut off my head.

After the meal i was staring at the plates and said to myself, " The plates look so familiar hummm".
Then i realize the same plates used in the Steakhouse Restaurant are the same plates used in a Siopao and mami karinderia in Chinatown called "Makong Mami house". I turned over the plate and read " made in china " ha ha.
Miski ganoon kamahal ang pagkain sa America nilalagay pa rin sa murang plato.
WOLFGANG Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, L.A.
Maita (niece), me and Rica (sister)
Lily & Don Trembly (Dad's former UCLA classmate), Dad, Mom and Ton
Bread, Light beer and Onion Soup
Sashimi - Appetizer
Broccoli, mashed potatoes, T-Bone steak.
Crème brûlée, Cheese cake with whip creme and Pecan Pie with whip creme.
Makong Mami plates
made in china ha ha!