Golden Gate Bridge

For days i couldn't sleep.
The Golden Gate bridge was calling me.
She was calling me to run towards her.
I couldn't resist her calling i had to follow her.
I wanted to physically touch her railings and feel the ocean breeze on top of her.
I wanted to be one with her.

If you run from our Condo beside Saint Mary Cathedral to the Golden Gate Bridge and back it is only 21.23 km not very far but 30% upgraded hills so its certainly a challenging course but i love every minute of my run.
The beauty of running is appreciating nature at its finest.
When i reach the top of Golden Gate bridge i was screaming,"Wohoo!!!" I really felt i was On top of the World.
Another Accomplishment once more. :-)
Running by the Marina.
Golden Gate Bridge almost on Top of her.
I'm on Top of the World
Trail Running going to Golden Gate Bridge
I again left my mark on the beach
An emergency and crisis counseling phone line on the Golden Gate bridge. I guess their are a lot of jumpers on the bridge.