Malibu Marathon before race day

I have been running for 31 years and every time i join a race i still get butterflies in my Tummy.
How do i know if I'm nervous I have a difficult time sleeping before race day and i have to go to the restroom about 4 times a few hours before Marathon time do make no. "2".

The weather is freezing here with a 9C temp. and it may rain during the race. Yikes !
I love running in the rain but when its this cold that's another story.
I'm also debating in my head what running gear to wear ( shorts, CWX, bikini etc. ) because since i lost some weight i have very little body fat insulation, i shiver easily.

My old nagging injury on my left foot also comes and goes so I'm massaging it, icing it, stretching it and taking pain killer.

But regardless of the weather, time zone, nagging injury and a different race setting I'm getting my head ready.

In a Marathon race its 60% mental and 40% physical to perform at your best.
I'm not expecting a great time I'm just praying i do well and enjoy the race.
God pleases guide me, I'm Nervous ....but ....
Expo site on the beach
Chip Check
We will be running on the Pacific Coast Highway
Condura Brothers Clowning around 18 hrs. before race time
Elder brother Robie, me and Ton
Hey look who's Running Malibu, "Ken Tenoro" alias Just Running
Running Gear Check
13 th Mile Mark at the Malibu Marathon