Ultra Trail Runner - Krissy Moehl .... and more

Krissy Moehl, www.krissymoehl.com one of the world’s best ultra trail runners came to Manila to conduct a talk at ROX. She is a consistent TOP 3 finisher in the women's category of several US ultra marathon races.The latest of which was the Miwok 100km race, where she timed 9 hours 55 minutes and ranked 3rd among the female runners.

My daughter Patricia Concepcion, who is currently studying at North Eastern University Boston, just got back in Manila a few weeks ago, and she is taking up her internship at Frontrunner Magazine. She was given the task to personally interview Ms. Krissy Moehl on her training, accomplishments and goals. The interview was conducted at Bo’s Café at the Fort Taguig City.

Please read the details in the future FrontRunner Magazine issues to come.

It was a great privilege for me to meet Ms. Krissy and listening to her talk It inspired me to try Trail Running in the near future. In my 30 years of running, I believe it is never too late to learn and pick up some very good points from other runners and be a better one.

To the Editor of FrontRunner Magazine – Mr. Jonel Mendoza, THANK YOU for the opportunity.

Ms. Krissy Moehl being interviewed by Patricia Concepcion
Ultra Running talk at ROX

Mark Hernandez, Consuelo and Jonel Mendoza, Patricia and me.
Bryce Thatcher, friend, Consuelo M., Bea Hernandez, Mark Hernandez, Jonel Mendoza, Krissy Moehl and Patricia Concepcion
Patricia, Me, Mabu and Edwin Soriano VP- Business Development of http://www.RunnersRunner.com
After the talk by Ms. Krissy Moehl. Mabu, I and the entire Gang went to Claw Daddy’s to Celebrate the Birthday of our very good Running Friend Marie Bustonera. Happy Birthday Marie and many more running Years to come. But today we Eat , drink and shop !!! ha ha .Happy Birthday again.
Zack, Marie, Meme N. , me , Patricia, Mabu, Cathy U. and Nikki P.
Nikki, Marie, Mabu, Patricia, me, Meme and Claire K.
Marie with the 4 monsters.