Running in the Rain

I had a difficult time Sleeping.

I can hear the Rain pouring outside our bedroom.

It was not that I was worried if the streets would be flooded or the roof would leak.

It is because I couldn't’ wait to go for a run!

I love Running in the Rain!

I love it when the rain droplets splash on my face and I see my reflection on the wet concrete.

I love it when the streets are empty, No dogs, No cars, Nobody to water the plants and No street sweepers.

I love the deafening silence that all I can hear is the rain drops crashing on the concrete road, trees and bushes.

I love it when I hear my heartbeat get faster as I increase my pace.

I get to appreciate nature in a different perspective.

It is in this silence when my spirit is alive.

I love Running in the rain !

Running in the rain is like cleansing of the soul.