The frontRUNNER 4th LEG RUNNING CLINIC TALK was held last Dec. 8, 2010 at ROX – Bonifacio High Street.
It was very well attended by a lot of Veteran and Beginner runners who wanted to increase their knowledge on how to become a better runner.
There were 2 Speakers:
1. Enrico Tocol
Topic – Cross Training for Runners
2. Patrick Concepcion ( yours truly ) :-)
Topic – Preparing for a Marathon.
After the Clinic Talk, prizes and raffle were given to lucky winners, and Editor in Chief of frontRUNNER Magazine also presented the upcoming December Issue.
frontRUNNER Dec. Issue Bald Runner and Piolo Pascual ( Back to Back Cover issue )

Back of the front cover

Editor in Chief of front runner Magazine - Jonel Mendoza

Mabu, me, Totoy G. who finished the Singapore Marathon in 3:52:14 his 29 Full Marathon and Marga who finished the QCIM 2 in 8 hours . Congratulations.

with Blas Ople ( Titanium Runner )

Mabu , me with Rainer (runningenthusiast)

With Good Friends