A Wedding and Asics Gel GT - 2150 at Subic Bay

It was a hectic but fun weekend in Subic.
1st - Our good friends John and Nikki Panaligan decided to tie the knot. Mabu and I were assigned as principal sponsors while “Cesco” was Jr. Bridesmaid. It was a very simple and intimate wedding, with only a few family and friends invited. I think all future weddings should be like that. No more Hula Balu and inviting tons of guests you’re not even close too. We should all be practical and just save the money for the future.
Immediately after the wedding, Cocktails and dinner was served then came the fun part.
I rarely attend parties. I would rather just sleep or watch TV, but this time, my wife and I really cut loose. I lost count on how many drinks we had (I think I had 5 beers, 2 margaritas, 5 scotch on the rocks) 1 cigarette :-) and I even went dancing. Yes! Dancing ha ha!
What I truly liked about the party is it broke away from the Norm of how a traditional wedding should be. There were parlor games, sing a long ( which I will never do ) and fire dance. It was so much fun!
To John and Nikki, CONGRATULATIONS, and we pray that you have a wonderful life as husband and wife.
2ndASICS Running Shoes being a major partner for the Condura Run, I was given the privilege to test the new Asics Gel GT-2150, and where better place to brake them in but in the hills of Subic Bay.
I got up from bed at 4:30am, and went for a mean 16.33 km run at a 5:45km / pace. I really pushed it hard at the rolling hills at the El kabayo, Binictican area and the sandy beach by the bay. I wanted to do an additional 5km but decided to hold my horses.
The Gel – GT 2150 felt really good. Very good shoes (will have a more detailed review soon).
Overall, it was a hectic weekend but we loved every minute of it.

The newly wed John and Nikki Panaligan with Principal Sponsors

Front : Mabu, i, Designer - Ito Curata and Willy
Back : Jong and Cathy Uichico and the newly married couple.
Mabu with the "Ice Cream band"

Parlor Games in a wedding ? Cool !!! Ito Curata beat me in the contest, " Who could finish first the liquid in the feeding bottle".

Hummm??? How many gummy bears in the container

Fire Dance Running in the Beach, Light house Hotel at the back ground Asics Gel Gt-2150
Rolling hills at "El kabayo" Bring it on !!!

I love Subic