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I won’t deny it but this is 1 race that I was pretty nervous to join. Just thinking about it gave me butterflies in the tummy.
The reason I was feeling this way is because a 32k distance race is the Crossroad to the dreaded “WALL”.
The other reason is 4 days before the event while I was running I stepped on a “ rock “ and I twisted my left foot pretty bad now the outside of my foot hurts and it’s a bit swollen. Talk about “Bad Luck “. Frustrating as it may be I’m not going to make a “Little” obstacle like this ruin my plans for a 32k race. I’m going for it!!! With lots of prayers and 1,000 mg. of painkillers, I will do alright on race day.

The 32k event started at 4:30 am sharp which is perfect because the weather is still cool at that time and not too much vehicles in the street.
It was a fast course with lots of hills in the kalayaan flyover and Bayani road going to Heritage Park and back. I like a race courses with some variety not the flat boring once.
I was feeling pretty good and Thank God the pain in my left foot was not that bad, What bothered me is I started literally going “ Deaf “ at the 25th km. I get Deaf when I’m starting to dehydrate but as always I was not worried because all Rio’s race have adequate water, Powerade and Bananas. I just started drinking and rehydrate every 10 mins.
Around the 30km I was starting to cramp up on my left inner thigh and right calf muscle. The first thing that entered my head is here comes “ THE WALL “ but instead of slowing down I just maintained my form and stayed in the “ Zone of Concentration “.
When I was about 1 km away from the finish line I picked up the pace and really floored it till I got to the finish line.
My wife " Mabu " sad to say couldn't join me in the race she wasn't feeling well.
It was a good race and I was very pleased with my performance.
QCIM 2 ???

PACE: 5:48 / KM
TIME: 3:06:08

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