Vivere Azure

Rest and Recreation “R&R” is always good for the Body and Soul. It does not only recharge you, but it also gives you the chance for Quality Family Bonding.
For this short getaway vacation, my family and I wanted to experience a different resort.
We wanted to go to a place where there would NOT be too many people around, a cozy atmosphere and delicious food.
We just wanted a place where we could “ Chilax “.
VIVERE AZURE was the perfect place.
Vivere Azure beach resort is located at Anilao, Mabini Batangas. It’s about 2hrs easy driving from Ayala Alabang.
It’s a nice place to just hangout, enjoy the view and smell the crisp fresh air.
The room was immaculately clean with all first class amenities, and the food was very good!
I highly recommend the beef salpicao which was extremely tender and tasty. The inihaw na tilapia was also very fresh and was cooked to perfection.
I never ate so much in such a long time.
Oh, did I mention about the refreshing margarita?! Delicious!
What was even great was the staff of the resort. They took care of us and treated us like Royalty.
I highly recommend this resort if you just want to get away from it all.

Azure - Reception area

The staff was kind enough to upgrade us to the Presidential Suite

View from the 3rd floor Balcony

Delicious home cook food. I think i gained 5 lbs. over night
Easy Run on the Beach

A Relaxing drink of "Rum Coke Zero"

What more can you ask in life