Adidas " King of the Road "

The Adidas “King of the Road” ( KOTR ) is one of the leading Pioneers for road racing here in the Philippines.
If I’m not mistaken the said race started way back at the year 2000, and up to the present, really draws in a crowd.
Last year 2009 – there were 8,000 runners who participated in the race. For this year 2010 the feedback I got there were 10,297 runners who participated in the event WOW!!!! It is really one of the most anticipated race every year Congratulations to Adidas.

For this year’s event, there are 2 major changes with the Adidas – KOTR race.
1. The race organizer has been changed from RACE – Rudy Biscoho to EXTRIBE.
2. A “RFID Timing Systems” will be used. This is an Australian company, timing major marathons like the Melbourne Marathon, triathlons and Ironman races in various parts of the world.

Comment :
1. I like the Adidas race because they "DON’T" have many Kilometer (KM) markers. The fist KM marker is on the 1st km . The 2nd KM marker is on the 15th km and Last KM marker is on the 19 km. ( I hate KM Markers)
2. I was feeling good that I kept on telling myself “ Maintain your Form - Arms on the side”
3. I got a PR on this race a finishing time of Yeah !!!
4. If only there was no Major Bottle neck on the Kalayan Flyover Area. Where the 10k and 21k runners converge I could have finished at a faster time.

PATRICK Statistics :
21k event
weight 129lbs.

MABU Statistics :

Marie B., Mabu and I

Mar, me, Rene and Roselle

DM Running friend Mavin T.

Running friend "Cholo ". keep it up bro !