Quezon City International Marathon 2010

This will be my last Marathon for the year 2010
In the Condura Run Marathon. I was concentrating on my endurance and averaging around 120 km / week. I finished at a time of 4:28:46
For the QCIM 2 I cut down on my endurance run mileage and only averaging around 100 km / week.

I concentrated more on my Speed runs by doing intervals of 800 / 1000 repeats.
My target time to finish is 4:20:00
This will be the 2nd time that I will be racing in the Q.C. area. The last race in the said area was in 1981.
But this will be the first time that I will be running in the La Mesa Dam area which I’m pretty excited about because it’s a new route a new scenery.
Nervous but Praying I do well.
QCIM 2 here we go!!!!!!