RunningShield was here

Every time I go out of town or in a different country I never forget to bring my running shoes, shorts, socks, Garmin , Road I.D. and a “Nylon String”. I prefer if the nylon string is color red or green and it has to be at least 3 feet long.
You may be asking, “ What in the hell does a color red or green nylon string which is 3 feet long have to do with running”.
I like to leave my " Mark"..
Let me explain

When I run out of town or in a different country I will look for a tree, fence or even an electric post and tie the nylon string around it. The reason I do this is to leave my “mark” It's like a statement that “Patrick Concepcion / " ran in this particular area”.
What is equally rewarding is after you go back home and return back to the same area after several months or even Years, The Nylon String is still there. Fantastic !!!
It’s like a part of you in a capsule that got suspended in time.
I’ve left my mark in Baguio, Boracay, Singapore, Hongkong , Puket – Thailand, Guam etc. just to name a few places but I still have to go back in the same area to see if the nylon string is still there.
If i recall i also left my mark on a dogwood tree on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada if I'm not mistaking that was the year 1994. i wonder if its still there ???
Hopefully, nobody or mother nature took it out. I choose a color red or green because its easy to spot and it has to be a nylon string because the material is pretty resilient.
I leave my mark in San Francisco and Boston and hopefully when I do come back in a few years for my daughter graduation My “ Patrick Concepcion / RunningShield “ Nylon string mark will still be around.