Boston MA. is located in the East Coast of the United States. If your taking (PAL) Philippine Airlines, from Manila you fly to San Francisco which is at least a 13 hour flight. Then you take another airline to fly you to Boston which is another 6 hours flight. A total of 19 hours of “Butt numbing” plane ride. There is also a 12 hour time difference between Manila and Boston. When its 12 noon in manila its 12 midnight in Boston. Talk about major jet lag But in spite of all of this it is definitely worth it because the city is beautiful.
I like how the city of Boston incorporates modernity without losing its 18 th century nostalgic look with its brick facade on most of the building, roads and other establishments.
Strangely there is only 1 shopping mall in the city called "Prudential" which is still very small compared to the other malls in other parts of the states but there are a lot of specialty stores and shop located in the Newberry area like Nike, Gucci, City Sports just to name a few, which I really like. The Problems is every time I want to buy something they don’t have my size but then again maybe it’s not a problem cause I get to save some extra bucks :-).
I also notice is that There is hardly any Filipinos around compared to San Francisco (more on my next blog entry) this is good because it sharpens my slang :-) ha ha.
Boston being a University city, You feel very safe which is very important for my wife and I. Boston will be my daughter second home for the next 5 years.
Lastly, what really got me excited is because Boston is the running capital of the United States I literally went Gaga when I saw all sorts of monument , land mark and specialty stores related to running. It was a runners dream come true.
Maybe God permitting it would be great to settle down in this city. Thanks BOSTON for the wonderful time see you soon again.

Quincy Market

Marathon Place Running Store is located right in front of The Boston Marathon finish line.
Finish Line of the 114 th Boston Marathon in Copley rd.
Running in " Newton Area" its raining and freezing Cold!!!
Lyon's Park - Newton Area.
Bill Rogers Running Store . His on the Top of my list of Running Guru's. Do you know he won the Boston Marathon 4 times and the New York Marathon 3 times !! I wanted to get an autograph to bad he was out of town in Maryland to participate in a 10 mile race. John Kelly statue located on Commonwealth ave. The New England Holocaust Memorial is a memorial in Boston, Massachusetts. It is dedicated to the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust during World War II.
With friends Erik and Karen Erlichson. Thank you for the wonderful time
Alligator meat ….. Taste like chicken
Down Town Boston - "Prudential Shopping ctr. " Northeastern University The only way to move around the city is to take the " T "- subway Take the " Duck Tour " if you want to see the sights. South Boston Lyon's Park "All for One and One for All" Yes ... i have nail polish :-)