Running is Therapy

When I am sad I run
When I am happy I run
When I am confused I run
When I am troubled I run
When I am angry I run
When I am depressed I run
When I am unbalance I run
Running has always been my refuge
I run day in day out not for the Gold but i run because it keeps me balance. It makes me cope in this world that can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Lately, my wife has been very depressed. I have not seen her cry so much in 1 day.
I did need not have to ask her what was wrong because I knew her depression was due to her Awfully missing our first born ( Patricia ) who we left in Boston.
I told her not to worry and that all will be fine. I reassured her that letting go of Patricia will not only benefit her but us parents as well.
Then I told her "Babe's LETS GO FOR A RUN ! "Which we did . As we ran side by side I counted twice where she cried like a baby. ( She was purging her Depression ) as our run progressed i can see she was feeling better and at the end of our run i saw a smile in her face.
Running may not be the miracle pill to total happiness but I believe that God gave us running as a tool for us to cope in this world .It is with running that we discover who we are and who we want to be but most of all accepting what we are.
I may never fully understand a love of a mother for a daughter but what I do understand is Love is unconditional and selfless this I have learned from my wife.
So, when Depressed my advice to you is ........" GO FOR A RUN "!!!!

Move in Day to her Prison.... i meant Dorm

You will always be our baby