If you think Manila has Dengue problems look at the size of the Mosquito's in Boston!!! 75 % of the Pigeons in San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf are claw lessI think the owner of this bike is a contestant from the
" Biggest Loser "
Halloween costumes already for sale in early August
Size 16 ?
A "Human Statue" ... what people will do for a Dollar Mango? or MANGO !!!!!A loaf of bread shaped as a "Lechon"Chili plants in Flower pots ?
Cheap house for sale in Duncan st. SFO, I wonder why ?
Just what i need for carbo loading a "Giant elbow noodle"

Strange or Crazy " Running at 5am, wearing a tank top and cap for protection on Pouring Rain, Temp.10C with a head win of 45kph.