San Francisco and Boston here we come !!!!

As mentioned in an earlier post.
My Family and I are going to Boston to bring my daughter there for her University Studies.
We will be staying in San Francisco for a few days before going to Boston.
After that its back to San Francisco for a few days before heading back to Manila around mid Sept.
Hope to do a lot of running in the abroad and maybe my wife and i will join a few local races in the
It’s going to be an Emotional roller coaster month.
See you soon !!!
I'll miss you ate :-(
Love you Baby ! will miss you very much :-(
Your room is mine, Hello " Naked Room " !!!
woof ... woof ( Translation ) "woof woof" !
woof ... woof ( Translation ) Master, I'll miss you :-(
"Letting go is not the end of the world, letting go is the beginning of a new chapter in once life".