Misibis Calgary Island, Bicol

Located in Calgary Island, Albay, Bicol is a 1st class resort called Misibis Bay Raintree. It's a very beautiful island where nature and the 1st class amenities' of the hotel blend in together. It is also the perfect place to spend quality family time together especially that it is was my wife's birthday. This has to be 1 of the best resorts in the Philippines if you just want to Chillax ... I mean Relax.

Happy Birthday Mabu !!!!ChillaxingMisibis at Night
Check out the Seal in my Golf CartPlease no more food !
Because it is an island I already conditioned myself that I was not going to log in mega mileage in my run but to my surprise the beach front was at least a kilometre long and there where winding path and flat breakwater road that you can easily run on. I was able to run at least 10.15km and my wife even joined me in the last 3km.
It was the perfect place to truly relax and as always when I run in the beach I never wear a shirt. I love the freedom of running shirtless.
What i do best
Running with my Best friend. Happy Birthday Mabu !!!