Donsol - Mayon Volcano

Wanted a different vacation adventure for this holy week. So my wife, kids and I decided to go on a very long road trip and headed south of Luzon. First stop we went to DONSOL to interact with the Whale Shark (Butanding). We took a boat ride and after a couple of hours at the open sea our boatman spotted a whale shark. He told us to get ready to jump in the water. When we did jump the whale shark was literally above us i estimate about 3 feet away.
It was an experience my wife and kids will never forget, unfortunately I did not get the chance to see any whale shark I was busy making sure all were safe.
After Donsol, we then headed for Bicol to become tourist and do some sightseeing at Mayon Volcano.
Like always standing a few kilometers from the foot of the volcano was an awesome experience.
We stayed at the Hotel Venezia, legazpi city albay. A nice comfortable hotel i truly recommend.
Ready for some Whale Shark interaction
Cathy Uichico, Mabu & Cesco
Natasha Uichico & Patricia
Ready to jump !CatchDelicious Bicolano food lots of gata and sili ( just don't ask me what the dish is on the bottom right corner) you wouldn't want to know, but they call it " Kinumot" ! Cagsawa Ruins
I particularly love running in different places and i was not going to let this opportunity past.
I Went for a 12km + run around the area and was surprised to see a lot of runners. The running bug has really caught the Philippines.
I was able to find a good spot near the airport during my run and had to take a picture of me with Mayon volcano at the background.
Maybe next time i would love to run right on the foot of the volcano.