Earth Run 2010

When the Organizer informed me that they already have 7,000 participating for the said race. I was very surprise because there are 3 races scheduled on that particular Sunday and the feedback I got, Nat Geo at MOA has an estimated 5,400 participants while according to Raymond Buntol that the Great Lapu Lapu run in Cebu has an estimated 3,800 runners that’s a Total of 16,200 runners who joined the combined 3 races.
This clearly shows that the Running Boom in the Philippines is very much still growing.
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In my opinion Earth Run is a pretty good organized race in spite that they do not have a Timing chip system. I like it because it’s a No Frills, No Hula Balu type of race just plain Racing Basics (Accurate distance, Water supply, Marshall's and a souvenir T-shirt)
Breakdown of Runners who joined the Earth Run 2010
21k – 700 runners.
16k – 800 runners.
5k – 4000 runners.
3k – 1500 runners.
Total – 7,000.

For the past couple of days I was debating with myself if I will run the 16k or the 21k. My left calf muscle has been “twitching” especially when I push the pace on them dang hills. But at the end of the day I decided to run the 21k but I was definitely not expecting any Personal Record (PR) I will run the race on how I feel.
Race Distance: 21k
Actual distance: 21.250 meters
Finish Time: 1:59:04
Pace: 5:36 / km
Body weight during race day: 129.4 lbs.

My Finishing time is way off my PR but I’m still very pleased with my race performance.
It’s not how Slow or Fast you run the race, what is important is you enjoy your runs This is the key on making “RUNNING A WAY OF LIFE”.
It’s also my wife “Mabu” very first 5k race. She finished without even walking once and she told me after the race that she could have done an additional 5k more! “Awesome “!!!!! Wouldn't be surprise by year end if she runs a 10k.
It Was a Good weekend! Love it!

Next race Greenfield April -24. This being an afternoon race works to my advantage because I run better in the afternoon. I'm much looser and I love the Energy from the sun, I think they call it Vitamin - D.

Me, Ben Chan, Lala, Mabu and MarieChristian runner "Jet Paiso" & I Running friend " Jojo Santiago " Running friend " Dominic Bordador"
Sorry had more pictures but my camera broke :-(