48 hours of Torture

Running on the edge !
After I finished The Earth Run 2010 race last April 18 which I joined the 21k event my left foot bursitis injury started to act up again.
I can still run very well but the nagging pain on the foot is bothersome and I wanted to finally address it. This is the reason that I decided to take a 48hrs (2 days) Rest and Rehab (R&R) Period to hopefully address the foot problem.

The first 24 hrs R&R period turned out very well. I concentrated on stretching, massages ,icing and electronic acupuncture on my foot.

The second 24 hrs R&R period was a different story.
I was still concentrating on stretching,massages, icing and electronic acupuncture on my foot which helped a lot BUT because my body is not used to "NO Running" beyond 24 hrs. I started to go through a Negative Transformation.
I was feeling lethargic, moody, cranky and irritable all at the same time.
I also wanted to eat everything that my hands can get hold off (chips, chocolate, burgers, cakes, rice, meat, chicken etc.)
But most of all what really bothered me is I was becoming a Mr. Hyde.
I do not like this negative feeling inside me when I do not get to run. It eats me inside and I become the person I am not.
What I needed is my daily dose of Endorphins.

The following day I went for a 16km run and felt so much better.
Likewise my foot is also doing better.

Never again do I want to become a Mr. Hyde again.