Greenfield Sunset Run part - 1

I was very excited to join this race for 6 Reasons :
1. This will be the 1st time that I will be running with a Timing Champion Chip (do you believe) .
2. I have been running for 30 years. In the first 15 years of my running life I was always a late afternoon or night runner. When I got married I switch to running in the morning so I can spend more time with the family. So just to Run 1 more time in the afternoon would be fun again.
3. I run better in the afternoon because my body is loose compared in the morning where my body is as stiff as a surf board.
4. The last time I joined an afternoon race was in 1983. (Do you believe again)
5. Different Racing Venue. I’m kind of tired of racing at the fort and Roxas boulevard area.
6. I Love running under the sun. I like getting a Tan. I Love the heat of the Sun on my skin. I get a natural high from it. I think they call it vitamin – D.
Race Distance: 21k
Actual Distance (Garmin): 21.470 meters
Finish Time: 2:00:29
Pace: 3:18 km – fastest / 5:37km – average
* Running weight during race day: 129.2 lbs.

• Height in inches x 2 = IDEAL RUNNING WEIGHT.
• Example:
• I'm 5’5ft in height = 65 inches
• 65 inches x 2 = 130lbs.
• Height in inches x 2 – 20 = IDEAL RUNNING WEIGHT.
• Example :
• If you are 5ft. = 60 inches.
• 60 inches x 2 = 120 lbs.
• 120 lbs. – 20 = 100 lbs.
Comments :
1. The Race was Unique in terms of Venue, Start Time and Route. It was a nice change to race at 5:30 pm on a Saturday with the scenery of trees, dirty road , open grass field and Cars stuck in traffic :-).
2. I like the idea of them “Ghetto Blasters” with its Chest pounding music lined up on the road side. The songs of Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas are really a big boost to pick up the pace when you’re tired.
3. I was hoping to improve my Race time but unfortunately it did not materialize. The Head wind was howling like crazy that my legs had to work double time just to maintain a decent pace.
4. I am so used to Racing / running in the Morning my body was telling my mind “What the hell are you doing racing in the PM you should be ready to have dinner or go to bed “. It was an awkward feeling of adjustment.
5. The race route would cross the main road several times. Traffic was at a complete standstill for HOURS!!! I can see that all the motorist where really Pissed - off at the marshals and Runners but frankly it was nice to take control of the road for once from them dang drivers. RUNNERS RULE!!!! Even for several hours.

My wife “MABU” did another excellent 5k race and has plans to do a 10k in the near future. Way to go Babes!
Overall it was a very good race but frankly I don’t think we will join another afternoon race anytime soon. Our body is so used to running in the Morning when it is fresh rather than running in the afternoon when it is already tired because of a hectic morning load doing chores in the house / work etc. and besides the good part of running in the morning is a nice big breakfast after the race. We had fun! and that's what running is all about to have F U N !
Can’t wait to see the pics from Photo Vendo.

"The 3 Maria's" Mabu, Cathy and Marie

Mabu , Me, Jun, Mariel, Bobby, Aljo, Vimz, Adam and Art

Running for almost 30 years. Over 350 races under my belt but 1st time to use a Timing Chip

Post race guilt free snack a Blue berry danish with a tease spoon butter " yummy "