Asics - Finally !

In the late 70’s / early 80’s if you wanted to purchase a good running shoe in the Philippines you could only purchase it at 3 places in the Philippines.
1. Cartimar in Pasay City
2. Cash and Cary in Makati City
3. Camp John Hay – Baguio City
Because of the present “ Running Boom “ you now have Branded and Speciality Running Stores sprouting all over the country but one Running Shoe Company that I am most excited about is Opening on May 2010 at Greenbelt 3.
The Running stores name is ASICS.
Asics has always been my brand of choice in running shoes since i started running in 1980 ( Asics was called Tiger then ) I choose this brand not because of it sleek design but most important for its support and comfort. There are days I would run over 20 km a day and it’s important that I have the best shoe on my feet. My best Asics running shoe has to be the KINSEI series at present i have the KINSEI - 3, for me it’s the Rolls Royce of the running shoe.
To ASICS thank you for opening a store in the Philippines. I can’t wait !
Sharan Balani . Marketing Dept.
Love Running? Then as any serious runner knows Asics running shoes fall amongst the top shoes for running. Be it comfort, support, cushioning, Asics has always strived to provide the best running experience with its award winning shoes. However running is more than just an issue of grabbing any old pair of shoes and starting to jog. Especially when it comes to longer distances. One’s gait, foot structure, weight distribution are all just a few of the factors that can affect the running experience. So where does one go to make sure they are getting the absolute best shoe for their running experience? Well as of this
May 2010, Asics will be opening their one-stop running store in Ayala Mall’s Greenbelt 3.

In tandem with providing the absolute best running experience for every customer, the store will feature a state of the art foot-scanning device. Designed to effectively measure the anatomy of each runner’s foot, to provide accurate feedback as to what type of the multitude of Asics shoes will provide the best experience for the runner. Coupled with their highly professional sales staff every customer will leave the store having found their feet’s perfect running match.

However the running experience is more than just finding the ideal shoe. Especially in a warm country such as the Philippines, attire can make the biggest difference. Especially in those final kilometres where maintaining hydration and releasing that heat can be of the utmost important. That is why the Asics store will also feature the most advanced running gear on the planet. From its shoes, to attire Asics seeks to provide only the best in maximizing the running experience.

Asics Kinsei 3 - The Rolls Royce of Running Shoe