Running and Praying

When I run I say the Rosary.
I usually say it during the last 30 mins of my run.
No, I don’t carry Rosary Beads in my hand or pray out loud, I say the Rosary in my head.
The reason I say the Rosary is because I have surrender my life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am not a religious fanatic and like everyone else I struggle to be a good person
BUT by saying the Rosary it brings me to a higher level to becoming a better person.
Running is a Personal time for myself and I want to devout it to the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you trust in the Lord and surrender yourself to him everything falls in its proper place.

Is it hard to say the rosary when I run or do I lose focus? " NO!!" Is my answer to that question. It is something i like to do.

You may ask who else says the rosary when they run....Alberto Salazar (NYC marathon winner 1980, 81 & 82. Boston Marathon Winner 1981 & 82 and United States Olympic team 1984) does.

I guess I’m in Good Company!!!